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Kwik Falling Stars


Kwik Krazy Quilters.....Kwik Scrappy Quilters

People call us all kinds of different things and spell our name a lot of different ways... Kwick, Quick, doesn't really matter except when you are trying to find the website!   Please excuse the referral of "we, our" vs. "I, my".....there were two of us until 2005....I am Karie Jewell. 

The pattern company was started in Aug of 2001, with 3 patterns. There are now over 60 different patterns. Many  of the patterns use a "stack and slash" technique that was our first claim to fame. There is a line of Purses and Bags and Mini Quilts. Check out the Mystery Quilts too....they are great fun for a guild or retreat.  

Our "stack and slash" technique was designed for two groups of Quilters....."The Busy Quilter"and the "Wanna B Quilter".  The "Busy Quilter" is one who knows how to quilt, and because she (or he) knows how...everyone wants them to make a quilt for them, quick....usually a king size! The "Wanna B Quilter" is the beginner. She (or he) wants to learn, but sticking to a 1/4 seam allowance it something they have not yet mastered. Quick is not the issue... experience is. 
I have provided a link where you can order retail, however I only sell wholesale. The patterns are carried by Checkers Distributors and Pattern Peddlers. You can also buy wholesale directly from me, and I do Trunk Shows and Lectures.


Below is one of the many NEW Patterns

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the patterns or about ordering. 
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New Fall 2014

Watch an interview with me as well as step by step instructions for Kwik Krazy and Kwik Scrappy Stars on You must become a member and then you can find these classes listed under original QNN programing.